Domino 11 個license tracking server 原來仲未用得 ...

原本HCL 會加埋佢個FLEX license server , 會自動upload 使用者人數上cloud , 不過好似仲未用得


有時唔係錢既問題, 我知道要買係一件事, 比你捉住我要買, 又係另一件事, 想當年用Windows 要部部機入license key , 諗起都覺得煩

講到客好似賊咁, 真係好唔happy 架嘛.... 而家好多軟件都係用trusted base , 方便做野 (持別係搬server 個陣你就知.... )

install domino

Active license management is not available for production use licenses of HCL Domino 11 at this time.
Therefore, configuring a FlexNet license server for Domino 11.0.0 is not required.
Details of when HCL will enable active license management will be announced.
If you have any questions, please contact your HCL sales representative or business partner.

Be aware of the following cosmetic issues related to Domino 11.0.0 servers.

The following messages are logged at the initial startup of a Domino 11.0.0 server. You can ignore these messages.

12/13/2019 03:03:11.56 PM Licensing> Invalid length for configuration item 'LicensingServerURL': '0'
12/13/2019 03:03:11.56 PM Licensing> Failed to get configuration item 'LicensingServerURL'; Invalid arguments
12/13/2019 03:03:11 PM  Licensing error: Domino license configuration is not available.

If you upgrade your Domino directory design to the Domino 11 version of the pubnames.ntf template, there is a new License tab in the Configuration Settings document. You can ignore the settings in this tab.

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