HCL 推出新的CCB Guest license

以前IBM 有個utility server , 你寫個程式都要拎廿萬買licesne , 邊個會同你玩.....

HCL 係7 月尾出左個新既license 模式.....

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CCB license (Complete Collaboration (CCB) Guest Licensing) 可以比你做以下既事

HCL made these changes to the CCB license based on customer requests to facilitate:
• A read-only external or internal web site for Guest Users
• Data collection using surveys generated by Domino Volt 1.0.1 and its anonymous user support available today.
• Removing the need for a separate Utility Server license for Guest Users with complex PVU reporting requirements.
• Clarifying licensing for mail and calendar interoperability in multi-vendor scenarios involving our partner’s solutions.


A “Guest User” can be an anonymous web user (no authentication), or an authenticated web user with a predefined maximum level of Domino application access (ACL) as “Depositor.

即係做個網站, 比街客睇, 或者做啲調查表格, 而guest 既定義可以係無登入既anonymous , 或者經web 登入而最多有depositor (只可以create文件. 但建立後見不到document ) 權限既account

我問過某代理, 佢話collaboration express 已連埋呢個license , 不過我都建議等正式公告先....



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