lotus traveler cumulative fix patch 1 係3 feb 出左啦。。。

LO47693 - Some internet e-mail does not contain a body when synced to the device.
LO47897 - User unable to sync when primary mail server is down.
LO48022 - Apple device stops syncing after a period of time.
LO48141 - Server crashes with "Out of Memory" or "Insufficient Resources" message.
LO48318 - Server crashes with "Panic: Lookup handle out of range" message.



Lotus Traveler CF1 ( 最重要係可以在Palm Pre 修改Calendar 的資料)

Lotus Domino 8.5.1

WebOS (又變回做EU ROM ... palm 的資料無話解決這問題,但係據了解係這個版本解決的)

設定Palm Pre 及Lotus traveler 的連線 ...

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