Notes 9 Client 係Mac OS 10.9 Mavericks成日hang .....

如果用開Mac OS , 你用Lotus Notes 有時會hang 左係度,跟住熄唔到機,咁點算 .... 唔通真係要次次force quit ?



原來Lotus Notes 撞左Mac OS 10.9 個原源管理功能 ....

App Nap is a new power saving feature in Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks. When an application is completely hidden behind other windows and is not currently executing a task like playing music or checking for e-mail, Mavericks will deem that app “inactive” and put it to sleep to save power and free up your computer’s resources. This can have an adverse effect on your audio applications. 


大意係個program 縮細左,或者比其他程式遮蓋了,又無做其他動作,就會把process 推入休眠

咁就撞左lotus notes .... 咁點算好... 停左佢咪得囉

1. 在application ,按lotus notes 的icon, 按menu , 按 'Get info'



2. 選取 : Prevent App Nap


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